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April 2021
Rautio Trio, filming for London Bach Society at Kings Place, London
Bach, Family & Friends
26 May 2021
Rautio Trio, Kendal Midday Concert Club
Bach and Schubert trio in E-flat
30 May 2021
Kings Place, London
Rautio Piano Trio
world premiere performance of a new work by Brian Elias, plus Schubert's Eb trio
June 2021
Recording the early Beethoven trios for Resonus Classics
18 July 2021
Kino Theatr, Hastings
Rautio Piano Trio
programme to include Brian Elias' new work for trio
July 2021
Hay music 
details coming soon

Victoria Simonsen cellist cello player

© Graham Brandon

Victoria Simonsen cello player cellist
Rautio Piano Trio Victoria Simonsen